Ketogenic Dog Food -  See what pet parents are saying about Valiant Pet:

By Karen 

My dog is obsessed with your food. He has been in ketosis since February, and is acting like the young dog I rescued 6 years ago. Thanks so much! 

By Cheryl 

I couldn't wait to try Valiant adult dog freeze-dried for my dog with cancer, and I have not been disappointed. She is 14 and was doing well but her body condition and energy have improved even more. The freeze-dried medallions are easy to use and I know she is eating a balanced diet. It is awesome for dogs with cancer but is also just as great for healthy adult dogs. 

By EskimoDogs 

We have a 1 year old American Eskimo puppy with IBD. It is a huge challenge to find a healthy food that his system will tolerate and he will eat. IBD dogs often refuse food. Not only does he love the Valiant food, but his gut tolerates it excellently. I could not be more thrilled.

By Jeannette 

Since I have my Sheltie on a completely raw/fresh diet now (including fresh broccoli and filtered water) which he loves, the Valiant Medallions are his daily treat now instead of unhealthy biscuits full of carbs and sugar. He absolutely loves the Valiant Medallions!

By RawDog12 

I've been waiting for a pet food to surface that truly is K-9 species appropriate! My dogs absolutely love this product. I travel often with them so the freeze dried is very convenient. Well done Valiant Pet Nutrition!