Frequently Asked Questions

Why Valiant Pet?

Part of our mission at Valiant Pet Nutrition is to establish a new standard of transparency, disclosure, and inclusiveness in not just how we make our foods, but the manner in which we share that process with our customers. The following FAQ list is all about offering you direct insight and access into the details of what goes on behind the scenes in formulating Valiant Pet food, and ketogenic dog food health benefits. In terms of ketogenic dog food companies, Valiant Pet is the only company whose recipes are the eaxact same recipes used at the nonprofit, KetoPet.

Why were Valiant Pet Nutrition products created? 

One of our founders was inspired by the work done at the non-profit, KetoPet. KetoPet has rescued dozens of shelter dogs with cancer from being euthanized. Once at the Sanctuary, each dog is placed on a ketogenic diet as a form of cancer therapy. In addition to caring for dogs at the Sanctuary, the organization has also helped many pet parents start the diet with their dogs at home.

In helping the community, the KetoPet staff were faced with a common problem - people were struggling with properly implementing the diet as ketogenic meals can be difficult and time consuming to create. The team that is now Valiant Pet Nutrition realized that the only way to solve this problem was to create a convenient ketogenic dog food that people could use instead of having to make their own. They quickly got to work, and formulated meals that now make it easy for people to share the ketogenic diet with their pet.

What are the key ingredients in Valiant Pet Nutrition?

The ingredient list in Valiant Pet Nutrition's food is short and simple. Our meal recipes contain a base of meats, fibrous vegetables, quality fats and a balanced vitamin/mineral profile. Net carbohydrate content is very low (less than 4 grams) as our meals are made without potato, tapioca, sweet potatoes, fruit or soy. Our recipes are also grain and gluten-free, and most importantly, no rendered (high heat processed) fats or proteins are used. Here are some of our superfood ingredients in Valiant Pet Nutrition:

  • Chia Seeds: A power-packed, high-fiber superfood that’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Grass-Fed Beef: Naturally high in antioxidants, like Vitamin E and Vitamin A. Grass-fed beef is also high in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which may help boost the immune system and prevent disease.
  • Broccoli: An incredible source of dietary fiber, this leafy green contains twice the amount of Vitamin C as an orange.
  • Coconut Oil: Rich in medium-chain fatty acids, coconut oil has been shown to help improve digestion and decrease inflammation.

Our recipes are only made with high-quality ingredients, delivering a ketogenic and metabolically beneficial food for your dog.

What is a ketogenic dog food?

The ketogenic diet closely replicates the way a dog would eat in nature. It’s a diet that is higher in fat, adequate in protein and low in net carbohydrates. Over time, eating this way will encourage a natural process in the body that includes switching its primary fuel source from carbohydrates to fats. Without an abundance of carbs, the liver begins to produce ketone bodies that are preferentially used by the body and brain as energy.

Studies have shown that the ketogenic diet can improve cognitive function, physical performance, and help regulate blood sugar as a result of its ideal balance of low net carbs and slow-digesting fat. Numerous studies are currently validating the diet as a therapy in humans dealing with cancer, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s.

What products does Valiant Pet Nutrition offer? 

  • Raw frozen adult dog food available in 4lb and 6.5lb bags.
  • Raw freeze-dried adult dog food available in 5.5oz and 15oz bags.

Who is a Valiant Dog?

Valiant Pet Nutrition has been specially formulated for adult dogs, 4-6months and older. It is not intended to be fed to puppies, pregnant or nursing dogs.

Why is Valiant Pet Nutrition so focused on raw food?

Wild canines are accustomed to consuming raw foods. We strive to replicate a wild fed meal as closely as possible at Valiant Pet Nutrition. Additionally, we are very focused on creating meal formulations that enhance canine metabolism and offer species-appropriate nutrition.

Is raw food safe for my dog to eat?

Our freeze-dried and frozen foods meet the highest standards for microbial control to ensure your best friend gets a pathogen free dog food. 

Our freeze-drying process also has many advantages. Freeze-drying removes all moisture from the food but does not peroxidize fats nor denature proteins. Instead, the process allows us to preserve the integrity, structure, and texture of Valiant Pet Nutrition food. Freeze-drying also stops all bacterial growth and enzymatic action. 

To keep both you and your best friend safe, it's also important that you appropriately thaw and serve Valiant Pet Nutrition meals. Here are two ways to safely thaw raw frozen food:

1. Place your dog's food in a sealed container in the refrigerator. Once thawed, it will be safe for your dog to eat for 2-3 days under refrigeration.

2. You can also thaw your dog’s raw food by using cold water. Make sure the product is in its original sealed package or place a desired amount into a water tight, sealed bag. Next, submerge the bag in cold water and continue to replace the water every 10 minutes to speed up the process. Do not refreeze the product once it’s been thawed.

Keep the bag sealed until you're ready to feed your dog, and always serve raw food in a hygienic, stainless steel bowl. Wash all work surfaces, utensils, hands and food bowls with hot, soapy water before and after handling raw meats. Keep raw meats away from children and the elderly, and keep it separate from other foods. Store Valiant Pet Nutrition raw frozen food in the freezer until you’re ready to thaw it and feed it to your dog. Valiant Pet Nutrition raw freeze-dried food can be stored in a cupboard or freezer, but make sure it’s in an airtight bag to keep water out as moisture can potentially spoil the product.

How do I transition my dog from his or her existing diet to raw food?

As with any new diet transition, make sure to very slowly introduce raw Valiant Pet Nutrition food to your dog. Gradually reduce your dog's prior food, replacing it with Valiant Pet Nutrition. Take 4 to 5 days to replace their existing food serving with their new raw meal. If your dog experiences an upset stomach, reduce his or her raw food serving and give them a few more days before continuing with the transition. 

How long can my dog eat this food?

For as long as you'd like to feed your dog Valiant Pet Nutrition! A Valiant Pet raw meal is ketogenic and very closely replicates what a dog eats in the wild. 

Will my dog get all of the micronutrients they need?

Yes, Valiant Pet Nutrition formulations meet AAFCO standards for micronutrients.

Are there fruits and vegetables in this food?

We do include vegetables that are rich in fiber like cabbage, broccoli, and green beans. In order to keep carbohydrates low in Valiant Pet Nutrition food, we don’t use fruits due to their sugar (fructose) content.

Can I buy this food locally?

Valiant Pet Nutrition is available through If you would like to purchase it from your local independent pet food store, please have them contact us.

Is the meat you use grass-fed and are the vegetables organic? 

The beef in Valiant Pet Nutrition’s recipes is grass-fed. While the vegetables we source are not organic, they are human grade. 

Are the ingredients in Valiant Pet 'human grade/edible'?

Yes, every ingredient we use in our food is sourced from a supplier that offers human grade ingredients. 

What is the country of origin for all of Valiant Pet's ingredients?

 All of our ingredients are sourced from the United States of America.

Are the ingredients in Valiant Pet USDA inspected?

All meat ingredients are USDA inspected. Non-meat ingredients are FDA inspected.