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May 8th, 2017

Cutting pet food labels down to size

Simple Questions, Worth Asking
Organic, Non-GMO, natural, grain free, sweet potato, carrots and chicken meal. Sounds like what a pet parent who wants to feed their dog a high quality premium food might want to see on a label, right?

It never hurts to look at pet food from the perspective of what might be appropriate for a given species, in this case, canines. Ask yourself, do dogs in the wild consume a lot of tapioca, glycerin, potatoes, peas, chicory root, turkey/beef/chicken meal (ergo, rendered meats), and tomato pomace?
Additionally, are the foods that dogs eat in the wild, irradiated, boiled and extruded into a dry pellet?

Getting Raw With It
Carnivores eat raw meats. As well, they don't tend to eat a lot of carbohydrates, let alone processed foods.

When given the option, pet parents may want to offer their dogs a food that will not only support their nutritional needs in a comprehensive fashion, but will actually replicate the ancestral feeding experience their best friends have adapted to over time.

Sourcing meats of the same quality that you or I would eat (i.e. non-rendered), along with fibrous vegetables, essential fats and micronutrients, offers your dog the most appropriate food for who they are.

Make A Move
It's time. Move away from processed, high carbohydrate 'meals', and commit to feeding your best buddy foods which are aligned with their intrinsic nature.  Who knows, they may just thank you!