Giving Back

Ketogenic Dog Food That Gives Back

We are dedicated to helping pets lead healthier lives, and we proudly support organizations with similar missions. Valiant Pet is honored to support KetoPet, by both, donating a percentage of sales and also donating our keto dog food to feed the KetoPet dogs.

KetoPet is Our Inspiration

We were inspired by the work done at the non-profit KetoPet Sanctuary. They spent several years and millions of dollars investigating the effects of ketogenic diets on dogs with a range of dog cancers. 

Since 2014, KetoPet has rescued dozens of shelter dogs with cancer from being euthanized. Once at the Sanctuary, each dog was placed on a ketogenic diet as a form of cancer therapy. In addition to caring for dogs at the Sanctuary, the organization has also helped many pet parents start a ketogenic diet with their dogs at home that want to keep their dogs healthy from the start or are dealing with canine cancer and other health problems. 

In helping the community, the KetoPet staff were faced with a common problem - people were struggling with properly implementing the diet as ketogenic meals can be difficult and time consuming to create. Valiant Pet Nutrition realized that the only way to solve this problem was to create a convenient ketogenic dog food that people could use instead of having to make their own. We quickly got to work, and formulated meals that make it easy for people to feed their dog the ketogenic diet.

KetoPet in Action: