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The Inspiration Behind Valiant Pet

The Inspiration Behind Valiant Pet
KetoPet Sanctuary

KetoPet -  The Inspiration behind Valiant Pet

For the past six years KetoPet has been validating just how powerful raw ketogenic diets are in positively impacting dog's health. Working with a dedicated team of Veterinary Oncologists, Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, and Staff, KetoPet continues to see positive outcomes in the quality of life of the dog's we love.

As their work progressed, the KetoPet staff were faced with a common problem - pet parents that reached out to KetoPet for help were struggling with properly implementing the diet as ketogenic meals can be difficult and time consuming to create. Valiant Pet Nutrition realized that the only way to solve this problem was to create a convenient ketogenic dog food, based upon the KetoPet recipe, that people could use instead of having to make their own. Valiant Pet quickly got to work, and formulated meals that make it easy for people to feed their dog the ketogenic diet.

So what exactly is a ketogenic diet? 

A ketogenic diet for dogs is a raw, high fat, moderate protein, low net carbohydrate diet that forces the body to burn fats instead of carbohydrates for energy. It’s a diet that’s been used successfully in the past by endurance athletes, epileptics and those looking to lose weight. This process forces the body to produce ketones. The body only produces ketones when glucose isn’t readily available. Healthy cells in the body are very effective at converting ketones into energy, so the team at KetoPet is working to validate the efficacy of raw ketogenic diets on dogs. The goal with a ketogenic diet is to reduce glucose in the body and increase ketones – it’s eliminating anything that can potentially turn into glucose. That means all carbohydrate sources other than fibrous vegetables along with controlling protein intake, which can also convert to glucose. 

Cali the Vizsla

Cali the Vizla

Cali is one of KetoPet's earliest success stories.  She was a 4.5 year old vizsla whose cancer was discovered during a pregnancy ultrasound.” Instead of a litter of puppies, Cali was pregnant with one pup and one massive tumor. She was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma – an aggressive and quickly metastasizing cancer. She is cancer free to this day and it’s been over a year since her initial therapy.

While mostly using a ketogenic nutritional protocol, KetoPet also use chemotherapy, radiation and surgery when necessary as they believe these treatment methods have their place in their program. In the case of Cali, her treatment was both nutritional and surgery to remove the mass. To this day, Cali is alive and well and enjoying a wonderful quality of life.

At Valiant Pet, we are dedicated to helping pets lead healthier lives, and we proudly support organizations with similar missions. Valiant Pet is honored to support KetoPet, by both, donating a percentage of sales and also donating our raw ketogenic dog food to feed the KetoPet dogs.


" I couldn't wait to try Valiant adult dog freeze-dried for my dog with cancer, and I have not been disappointed. She is 14 and was doing well but her body condition and energy have improved even more. The freeze-dried medallions are easy to use and I know she is eating a balanced diet. It is awesome for dogs with cancer but is also just as great for healthy adult dogs. "

Testimonial by Cheryl

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